Curtain fabric colours

On this page an overview of our standard curtain colours. Beautiful colours of the Casablanca fabric.

If you want a different colour than this, please contact us!

Of the curtain fabrics shown here, the Casablanca, we can also order other colours for you. 

We also have many other colours in the Dinamica fabric, a high-quality curtain fabric that is also suitable for other upholstery purposes.

001-S   008-S

014-S   048-S

070-S   122-139-S

127-151-S   129-133-S

140-S   180-S

210-057-S   212-S

520-S   611-S

702-S   611-S

813-016-S   814-110-S

817-901-S   819-076-S

820-021-S   915-012-S