Frequently Asked Questions

What is the delivery time of my products?

Products which are in stock are dispatched within 24 hours. Many of our products are made especially for you and are therefore not immediately in stock. As soon as we receive the order from you, we will start working on it and it will take approximately 3 weeks until it is ready.

Can I also pick up my order?

Yes of course, you can also pick up your order in our shop: Bijsterhuizen 1120C in Nijmegen. You will receive a message when your order is ready.

Can I return my ordered items?

Maintenance products, standard curtains and various stock items can be exchanged or returned. However, many of our products are made especially for you and therefore cannot be returned. For products for which this applies, it is mentioned in the product description.

If you are in doubt about the colour, ask for a sample of the fabric or imitation leather that you have in mind to be sent to you. This way, you can make a good choice in advance and avoid disappointment.

And of course, you are more than welcome to visit our shop and choose from our wide range of fabric and imitation leather colours.

What size curtains do I need?

We recommend different lengths of curtains for different brands and types of trucks. The standard sizes are 85cm and 95cm. To make sure you get the right size of curtains for your truck, we sell curtains by brand in our shop. The length is indicated by the name. This way we have made it easier for you to get the right size for your truck.

What is the size of the window strip?

Our window tapes have a standard length of 227cm. This size is long enough for all trucks. If the window tape is too long, you can tuck the excess behind the A-pillars.

We supply the window strips in two models, with 9 large arcs or 11 small arcs. You can also choose between long and short fringes.

A window pelmet with large bows is between 20 and 23 cm high, depending on the length of the fringe.

A window pelmet with small bows is between 16 and 19 cm high, depending on the length of the fringe.

Can I wash my curtains?

The side curtains and interlining made from bolero fabric only can be machine washed at 30°C on a gentle cycle. Curtains made entirely or partly of Danish plush and all window bands can only be cleaned with a short hand wash. To avoid discolouration of the fringe, do not leave the window tape in water for a long time.

Never put our curtains and window tapes in the drier.

How do I hang my curtains?

Our side curtains are fitted with a pleat. To create a beautiful pleat, it is best to place the hooks around the 11 spaces of the pleat. The hooks and runners are available separately with your curtains.

The window tape is attached to your windscreen with velcro. The strip of velcro for the window is included with the window tape.